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About Gold4PVE

About Gold4PVE

Gold4PVE is a ten -year WOW studio with a professional boosting team and a large number of item(gear/mounts) stock.

Our team set up in 2008. We did gold business at the begin, to help wow players get gold within the shortest time so that they can buy anything they want in game.

Our team tried to open the WOW item and boosting service market in 2011, and also do gold business. After a various trying for a while, we have gained lots of positive feedbacks from WOW players, and then we trained a professional leveling team and built a warehouse for items stock.

After several years perseverance, our team has been very popular among WOW players since we composed a professional and provided excellent service to our customers, and we have accumulated a large number of loyal customers. To offer our customers superb shopping experience, we set up "" this website, to make transactions safer and more convenient.

Ten years for sharpening a sword. This is the tenth year of the establishment of our team, we always focus on offering our customers the best service with the most reasonable price. We endeavour this all the time.

Choose us, whatever you need gold/gear/weapon/mount or boosting service, we can help you! With the lowest price, best service, VPN software for security and Fast delivery! We are gamers ourselves and we know what you exactly you are expecting.

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Great fast service got the 380 pants plus top weapon for a hunter. If you are on the fence I recomme...United

Ordered 361 Boe package.Totally agree,service is fast and reliable,and when something doesn't go as ...Stefanovic

Ordered M+10 Carry. Having used them at several times all I can say is Fantastic, Boosts get done qu...Ashspark

Ordered Heroic uldir run. Fast and reliable service, used it over many years. Would recommend!Xanbot

Ordered 5 million gold from them, fast delivery, got all within 2 hours. Thanks guys!Kathie