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A Dungeon that Everyone want to clear it--Mythic+10

  Hello,wow players, The more difficult dungeons and raids have came out, which means you guys can get higher level gears after you took this runs successfully. Arm your character and get more achievements! Today I'd like to introduce one of the most difficult run in the early stage of BFA--M+10

  Keystone Level 10 - Seasonal Affix


  At Mythic Keystone level 10, the special 4th affix is added to every single Keystone Level 10 or higher. For Season 1, that affix is Infested.

  • Infested makes certain mobs in the dungeon infested with a Symbiote of G'huun.
  • This buff is visible on the nameplate of the enemy and causes the NPC to appear larger and have a grey aura coming off of them.
  • Any other mobs within 8 yards will have Regenerative Blood applied to them, causing them to heal for 10% of their max health every 3 seconds.
  • When the Infested Symbiote of G'huun mob is dead, two Spawn of G'huun will spawn nearby and will run towards the nearest non-boss NPC.
  • Once it reaches its target, it will cast Infest an uninterruptable 1 second cast that can only be stopped using Hard CC.
  • If the Spawn of G'huun successfully casts Infest, it will infest the target with Symbiote of G'huun starting the cycle all over again.

  The Loots of Mythic +10 Clear

  There are two types of loot associated with Mythic+10 Dungeons: a chest with gears at least 370ilvl at the end of the instance, and a chest with one gear at least 380ilvl from your Class Hall the week after.

  • At the end of a successful run, a chest with ilvl370 gears will appear that all players can loot.
  • The loot is personal, so each player should loot it to see what their reward is
  • Every player will receive some Artifact Power
  • Two pieces of loot are guaranteed, but may be distributed amongst the party randomly
    • One additional piece of gear is awarded from completing the dungeon in time.
    • An additive 40% to receive an additional piece of gear is awarded for completing a dungeon for every level above Keystone Level 10.
  • Players who receive loot will receive items that are appropriate to their class/spec (except Azerite Armor) from the Loot Table of the entire dungeon.
  • These items can be traded to other eligible players in the party, if they are not an ilvl upgrade for the player who won them
  • All players who participated in the Dungeon will also get a chance to use a Bonus Roll at the end of the dungeon.

  The Artifact Power in Mythic +10 Clear

  Players will be able to loot Artifact Power from the end of dungeon chest. As Mythic+ dungeons have no lockout, these are an alternate source of Artifact Power for players who are not interested in Island Expeditions.
  There are also Artifact Power rewards from the Weekly Challenger's Chests awarded weekly.
  Azerite Armor in Mythic +10 Clear

  Azerite Armor cannot be farmed from end-of-dungeon drops. As such, Mythic+10 players are only able to receive Azerite drops from their Weekly Chest. And the level of Azerite Armor will be 385ilvl for Mythic+10 players.

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