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An Awesome Item in WOW Team Fight!

  Hello, wow players. Longtime no see! We’ve been busy taking M+10 or Heroic Uldir and Mythic Uldir for better itmes these months. And now, Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1 was released in 11th December, 2018. If you guys wanna some WOW Gold/WOW Items/WOW Boosting Service to prepare for this new version, our website-GOLD4PVE is the best choice.

  After exploring this updated versions for a few days, We found an awesome mount and I believe most of you guys also knew this mount—The Hivemind.

  Let me introduce this mount to you guys firstly~

  The Hivemind was a mount first datamined during the Battle for Azeroth alpha, in early 2018.All signs pointed to this being the next big "secret hunt," similar to the challenges that acquiring  Lucid NightmareRiddler's Mind-Worm, and several other non-mount rewards presented to players. When Conspicious Note was discovered on August 21st, 2018, a large portion of the community assumed that it was the first step of the Hivemind hunt. However, as progress was made, it turned out that the hunt was instead for  Baa'l and later, the Waist of Time.

  The Powerful Skill of The Hivemind: You will change into the brain after using this mount and then carry up to 4 more people - with each person adding 10% to your mount speed up to a maximum of 40%! That is, to reach the speed of ground +140% and the speed of flight +350%, which is the fastest mount in game! The most important point is that it’s a Multiplayer-ridden mount! It may can carry 40 players most! With this skill bonus, The Hivemind is definitely awesome for players to take team fights!

  Many customers come to ask if we can help them to get this mount recently, I’m happy to share that it is available now in our website!    Click to buy ☛ The Hivemind

  If you guys have a crush on this mount, our website-GOLD4PVE will be great help for you to get wow gold&high level wow items, or we can help you to gain the Hivemind directly! Come to take this mount into your bag! Have a good timein game! ☺

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