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BFA New BOE lvl350 items (weapon& armor& finger& back) have shown up now!

  Battle For Azeroth has opened for a few days , atiny part of people have leveled up to 120, most of players are still in theway of power leveling. if you are tired with leveling, we are happy to help youto get it~  Powerleveling 110-120

  The BFA new BOE items has become an hot production that many player want to get them for a higher item level. I would like to introduce some BOE items to you guys, which were selling like hotcakes recently!

1. Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword

  Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword is an one-handed sword that dropped from Rezan and Itis an updated HD version of the Teebu's Blazing Long sword. The sword is a world drop with a super low drop chance, but it's BOE item, so you will be able to buy it from the Auction House or other players who owned it.

Quality of this sword (click to buy it!)

  Kelada's Elucidation is an one-handed axe, players can win this item when selecting the following class specializations: Protection PaladinProtection WarriorFrost Death Knight.

Qulity of this axe (click to buy it!)

3.Self-Rotating Dagger of Xing

  Self-Rotating Dagger of Xing is an one-handed dagger, players can win this item when selecting the following class specializations: Assassination/Subtlety Rogue.

Qulity of this dagger (click to buy it!)

  The above is just a few examples, there are a lot of excellent equipments on our Come and get your perfect items!

  Have a nice day~See you next issue!

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