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Order Instructions on GOLD4PVE

Hello wowers,

Welcome to our website! It is a huge store contains all wow gear/gold/item/boost/raid, there are something you need know before order on our website!

Our work time: 8 am-6 am  EDT

1. Please always contact Live Support if you have any questions(16h/7 online)

2. Please read product description carefully before you order something.

3. Do not afk or just close your pc after order, because we will send you an confirm email within 10 mins and need you reply.

4. Always leave your bnet/skype/discord in order, because we need contact you and confirm you are online, then arrange delivery.

5. Do not choose wrong server/faction when you order, make sure all information are correct!

6. Do not trade gold back for ANY REASON, be careful of ingame scammers.

7. Try another browser or refresh the page if payment fail!

7. Delivery process

     1) Gold      We will deliver within 20 mins/24 hours(Hot servers/Low pop severs) after you reply our confirm email.

                       Face to face trade in ORG/SW City.  Or AH trade( for really large quantity).

      2) Item      We will deliver within 24 hours. Face to face trade when you online/ Send to your ingame mailbox when  you offline.             

      3) Boost/Raid  We will arrange proper time to finish order, so make sure you have left your bnet/skype/discord.

That's all, enjoy your shopping!

Gold4pve Group

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Great fast service got the 380 pants plus top weapon for a hunter. If you are on the fence I recomme...United

Ordered 361 Boe package.Totally agree,service is fast and reliable,and when something doesn't go as ...Stefanovic

Ordered M+10 Carry. Having used them at several times all I can say is Fantastic, Boosts get done qu...Ashspark

Ordered Heroic uldir run. Fast and reliable service, used it over many years. Would recommend!Xanbot

Ordered 5 million gold from them, fast delivery, got all within 2 hours. Thanks guys!Kathie