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TCG Mounts are selling like hot cakes!Come and Get it!

Hello, wow guys.

With the approach of Battle of Azeroth,people seems to be getting the upper hand.

Though it still need two days to come, wecan't enjoy now, but you guys can get some TCG mounts that are hot sellingrecently.

So I'm going to introduce some hot TCGmounts for you guys today.

1.Reins of The Swift Spectral Tiger

It comes from the WoW Trading Card Game andjust for your information guys – this mount is owned by only approximately 3%of players, according to Wowhead.If you get yourself a Swift Spectral Tiger, you’ll be rather unique and chic.

2.Reins of The Spectral Tiger

You can think of this mount as the youngerbrother of the Swift Spectral Tiger, the difference comes from the fact thatthe other one is an epic item and that the swift tiger has armor on its pawsand tail so that it looks more imposing that way. Perhaps it won’t make youfeel as special as owning the purple (epic) version of it, but you’ll be uniquenonetheless.

3.Magic Rooster Egg

We enter Wrath of the Lich King territorywith this one. If you guys dream to have a giant chicken as a mount, then lookno further. It’s as exclusive as the spectral tigers, but the whole visualconcept of it takes it to another level of one-of-a-kind.

Not only we have this three mounts instock, we have lots of rare mounts and in lower price than others. Go and check now ☞

Hope you guys can find your interestedmounts and have a nice day~See you next issueemot.default.tongue

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