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The most precious Transmog sets in WoW!

  Hello, wow players.

  I want to show some special things to you guys today, I bet most of new players do not know it. For its rarity, it can only be sold on the Black Market Auction House. Have you guys figured it out? Let me tell you, the answer is Tier 3 Sets!

  Tier3 is a type of armor set that was acquired from the level 60 version of Naxxramas. Each set consisted of 9 pieces,making them the largest sets in the game. It is also the only tier set to include a ring. Tier 7, which drops from the level 80 version of Naxxramas, uses the same artwork with different color palettes.

  In Mists of Pandaria there is a random chance to see pieces of these sets put upon the Black Market Auction House by NPCs, for the opening bid of 10,000.Thus, characters of a race and/or class combination that did not exist in the original game have a chance to collect these pieces for transmogrification,such as Alliance shaman, Horde paladins, troll druids in Cataclysm and gnome hunters in Legion.

  Since they can't get dropped from Naxxramas, can only be auctioned in BMAH, so they became the most precious transmog sets in wow. There are 9 sets in Tire 3.Warrior-Dreadnaught's BattlegearShaman-TheEarthshattererPriest-Vestments of FaithMage-Frostfire RegaliaDruid-Dreamwalker RaimentWarlock-Plagueheart RaimentRogue-Bonescy the ArmorPaladin-Redemption ArmorHunter-Cryptstalker Armor. We will help you to get 8 pieces of gears that match with your class.

  Warrior-Dreadnaught's Battlegear

  Shaman-The Earthshatterer

  Priest-Vestments of Faith

  Mage-Frostfire Regalia

  Druid-Dreamwalker Raiment

  Warlock-Plagueheart Raiment

  Rogue-Bonescy the Armor

  Paladin-Redemption Armor

  Hunter-Cryptstalker Armor

  Come on! wow guys! Get a Rare and Nice Transmog set for your character! We will help you get it from BMAH. Click to buy now!

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  Enjoy your game time, see you next issue :)

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