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Vital information and new features of SUN Classic

Vital information and new features of SUN Classic

In this news, you will get vital information and the new features about the MMORPG Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic (SUN Classic), which is created by WEBZEN of Korea.

Character creation

Character Slots: There are 6 free and 4 paid character creation slots.

Create a Character: Goes to the character creation screen if a free slot is available.

1. Enter character name: Enter a character name and click the “Check” button to see if it’s in use.

2. Choose race: You can choose the race you want.

3. Choose a class: Each race offers a different set of classes to choose from, and you can only choose from those available.

4. Customize character: Change the height, hairstyle, facial features of the character according to your preferences.

5. Equipment Preview: Check the appearance of the equipment of the selected class in advance.

6. Rotate character: Click the arrows to rotate the character and the +/- buttons to zoom in or out. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom.

7. Character biography: You can check your character’s race and class information.


Character Status

Character Status

1. SD: a gauge that is consumed before HP in PVP battles;

2. HP: character’s health;

3. SP: A resource consumed when the character uses skills.

Gear Durability

1. Displays equipment durability for currently equipped items

2. The color of the equipment type changes depending on the current durability.

List of Buffs: Icons of the character’s currently used buffs are displayed.


New features

“Following the original main content of the game, SUN Classic offers a fresh start to players with faster leveling, system changes, tweaks, and optimizations for graphic, UI and UX,” the studio sent in a press release.

This 2007 MMORPG is looking for a few brave adventurers cause it relaunches as Sun Classic on March 10th in select countries (namely, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, with other regions to follow).SUN Classic – Webzen revives PC MMORPG for global audience with new features.

Also There will be multiple conveniences for global service such as chat translation and copy system. SUN Classic offers its service in 5 different languages: Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), English, Japanese, Korean. This feature much changes the way of global player communication in the game, and bring more excellent gaming experience.

Are you ready to go back to Soul of the Ultimate Nation? Or more likely, engage with the MMO for the very first time? 

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