Heart of Azeroth Level 50-55



1. Your main Heart of Azeroth trait ranks will reach to 53.
2. Your Azerite Trait Total Ranks should be 50.
3. You should unlock World Quests.
4. You need to provide your account.
5. Your character's level should be 120.
6. ETA: 1-3 Weeks.


The Heart of Azeroth is a unique artifact necklace in patch 8.0, which can be equipped in the entire patch, and the Azerite power can upgrade its level.

You will have 4 powerful Azerite traits in the head, shoulders, and chest in patch 8.15.

Each Azerite trait unlock requires the Heart of Azeroth to reach a certain level. If your necklace level is not enough, even if you get strong gears, you can't play their role.

Also, it will get some more secondary status from the level of Heart of Azeroth improvement, which is also the key to upgrade the character's strength.

You can unlock all 12 Azerite traits when the Heart of Azeroth reaches level 48. The highest level is 70 in the current patch.

We offer the safest 100% manual leveling to help you quickly upgrade the Heart of Azeroth level. You can also choose not to affect your normal game time, just let us do it for you on your work or sleep time..

If you can't find the level of the necklace you need to upgrade, please feel free to contact live support.

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